Hi Love formally known as Kamilah Sumner  is a veteran soul piercing songstress originating from the Southside of Chicago. Her early career works include working with Kanye West, Grammy Award-Winning  Producer Needlz. Music exec and Grammy Award-Winning Producer NO I.D.

As a young child soul music was a major influence on how her sound would be shaped. Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Curtis Mayfield and her favorite Minnie Riperton to name a few. She began to write poetry that later turned poems into songs. This was the beginning of her journey to making heart felt music. Spending her teenage years in an area known as Hyde Park where B Boys would break dance on the corners of streets, she was heavily influenced by the hip hop culture in the early and late 90's. This was the same time she was introduced to singing classical music. Hip hop added a special edge to her sound and classical training added vocal control and range to her eclectic sound. 

Her resume includes the release of "Heart of A Lion"(2009), "Still Good As New" (2012), and "Life and Love" (2012).  After a  3-4 year hiatus from music Kamilah reinvented herself as the artist "Hi Love". Her unique sound sculpted by God locks listeners in a world of hope, peace and truth. Amplifying feelings of pure love, capturing the ear of the broken. With warm vocals, introspective content and airy production, Hi Love's EP "After All" (2017) will certainly make your ears flutter. "Chicago Amoré" (2020) has the signature Chicago soul feel that will have heads nodding the entire album. "Cold Wind" influenced by a retro 90's RnB, hip-hop, and soul vibe, her latest EP inspires listeners to break through obstacles in order to stay on track to a higher purpose.

Hi Love is a star and if you don't know her yet, soon you will. Her music is the proof!